Gluten and soy free "beef" patties w/dough from scratch!

Sunday Dinner

"Meat"loaf, mashed cauliflower & veggies
Shrimp & Grits #Veganized

The Traphouse Vegan: a Lifestyle Guide

Over 100 soy and gluten free recipes.

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Vegan Traphouse offers worldwide catering and holistic services. It is co-owned by Eboni Washington, a teacher from Bronx, NY and Michele Simmons, a counselor from Washington, DC. The way that we prepare food is just as important as the food itself. Our food is soul food because it comes from our hearts. We specialize in vegan, soy, gluten and chemical free food, plant based skin and hair care products, and holistic youth development and behavior management strategies. Our goal is for Vegan Traphouse to be a catalyst for positive transformation through food, community activism, and culture. The Traphouse Vegan, Lifestyle Guide, is more than a cookbook. It is written specifically for low income families who live in areas bereft of fresh and healthy foods. Many people, especially people of color, associate veganism with ridiculously expensive food and cooking gadgets and appliances that are inaccessible to many average income and impoverished people. The Traphouse Vegan, Lifestyle Guide has over 100 recipes that do not require a blender or food processor or ingredients that can’t be found in a typical grocery store. The book also provides information about gluten and soy, an annotated index of herbs and spices, and tips for self-care, written in colloquial English.

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